Rooms at the San Manuel Casino Hotel

With so many options in the area, San Manuel Casino Hotel offers rooms for all budgets. Each of the two hotels are large and have comfortable rooms with full kitchens and private baths. With a variety of restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, you are sure to find a place to eat when you’re in town. There are also the pool area, cabanas, bars and lounge areas.

san manuel casino hotel rooms

The San Manuel Casino Hotel is two blocks from the main casino. It’s a prime location for those who want to get into the spirit of the action at the casino. It’s a short walk to other local businesses such as the store where you can purchase horse racing cards. It’s also just a short walk to the Waterfront Park for those who like to swim or water-ski. You will also find the San Manuel Cinema, which features movies for the whole family.

When you stay at the San Manuel Casino Hotel, you will enjoy an all-inclusive vacation package that includes all meals, pool fees, drinks and taxes. All of your room accommodations include all types of bedding, linens and towels. Your room will also include an air conditioning unit, cable TV, refrigerator and satellite dish. For drinks, there are a variety of bottled water and bottled soda. And, you’ll get all the bills you need, including credit card and rental bills.

Your San Manuel Casino Hotel rooms are simply luxurious. All of the room amenities are state-of-the-art. Each of the rooms has a microwave and flat screen television. For the entertainment of your guests, each room has its own mini-refrigerator with a beverage cooler. There is also an espresso maker and coffee maker in every room, as well as a dishwasher and a microwave for hot food.

The kitchen is ready for business in each of the San Manuel Casino Hotel rooms. Each room has a fully equipped kitchen with the necessary appliances. A microwave, table and chair, garbage disposal, dishwasher and garbage disposal are all included in your room. Whether you want to prepare a sumptuous breakfast, or you would like to invite friends over for a late night snack, there is a microwave in each room that can accommodate large groups.

The bar in each of the San Manuel Casino Hotel rooms is open round the clock. You can enjoy a cold drink, have a full meal and have a late night snack. You can also bring the kids along and have a few cocktails. The bar area is a popular hangout for everyone.

Both hotels offer great locations, good amenities and comfortable rooms. You will find that staying at either of these hotels is well worth your time and money. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the fun of playing blackjack and roulette at the San Manuel Casino Hotel, now is the time.

For a great casino vacation with exciting activities, the San Manuel Casino Hotel is the right choice. Spend your day at the casino, then take a break at the hotel for a couple of hours. You will never have to leave the city.