Things to Do in Puerto Plata, Nicaragua During Your Vacation at the San Manuel Casino Hotel

The San Manuel Casino Hotel in Puerto Plata is a beautiful hotel that overlooks the Caribbean Sea, offering lots of places to eat and entertainment to entertain your guests. It also offers different types of lodging for tourists like the St. Regis Hotel El Silencio, the Hotel Zona Costa and the Casino Costa Hotel.

hotel near san manuel casino

The San Manuel Casino Hotel is definitely a place for gambling enthusiasts. The casino floor of the hotel is situated behind the main entrance. However, you need to come early if you want to be a winner as the line of casino goers can stretch out for several minutes.

You can also have a taste of the casino at the hotel restaurant. Most of the restaurants offer drinks to guests such as beer, wine and soft drinks. You can also try various international dishes, which are served buffet style. Casinos are located inside the hotel premises, which means you will not need to travel outside to enjoy the casino games.

There are some shops in the San Manuel Casino Hotel that provide a glimpse of the true Caribbean experience. The wholesale department offers home goods and cheap clothing. This department also has a shop where you can buy jewelry or designer clothes for your trip.

The rooms at the hotel are located along the beach with their owners attached to them. There are beach lounges located near the rooms, which you can use to relax and unwind. These lounges also serve as bars that serve drinks. Guests can also try the home-made Margaritas made by the hotel staff.

The rooms have balconies and other views of the ocean frontage. The rooms also have private balconies where you can have your favorite snack while the hotel owners are relaxing with their guests.

The hotel also offers online reservations that will allow you to reserve your room online. The hotel’s website offers more information about the Casino San Manuel and the surrounding area. Once you have chosen the hotel and booked your room, you can save time in planning for your trip by simply entering your information in the reservation forms provided on the website.

Since the San Manuel Casino Hotel offers you many sights and attractions to enjoy during your stay, you will surely get a great night out. Just remember to plan ahead so that you don’t miss out on any attraction of the area. You can also plan to spend your day touring the sights and taking in the natural beauty of the city.