One of the Most Memorable Vacations

The San Manuel Hotel and Casino on the shores of Lake Lucerne is considered to be one of the finest hotels in the world. It is also the crown jewel of the San Juan del Sur resort area.

san manuel hotel and casino

With a history of over two centuries, the San Manuel Hotel and Casino were built for a casino company. Its establishment was welcomed by the Spaniards as it provided them with a home away from home. And thus, the brand new San Manuel Hotel and Casino was born.

This hotel offers an incredible and wonderful view of the lake and mountains. And thus, its presence in the market and its popularity is on the rise since the hotel is used by many traveling dignitaries and business people to stay while traveling in the area.

The San Manuel Hotel and Casino is a perfect blend of amenities. It has three restaurants and also a casino bar where gambling is permitted. And of course, its spa facilities are unmatched to other hotels and casinos in the world.

The hotel has an extremely unique identity to its name. It features the San Miguel Bridge and the ruins of the ancient city of Puerto del Rosario. Located only three kilometers away from the hotel, the ruins will certainly fascinate you.

It is truly amazing that such a small and compact town as Puerto del Rosario still enjoys a great view of the lake and mountains. And so, you cannot help but be intrigued by the hotel and spend a night or two enjoying the beautiful view while visiting the old towns in the area. After all, this is a place that was once home to an ancient city that once dominated the surrounding areas.

Once you have dined your fill at the San Manuel Hotel and Casino, go on to explore the surrounding area. You may find a miniature train track, where you can enjoy yourself on a horse riding experience unlike any other. Of course, there are also four waterfalls that make the trip even more worthwhile.

The San Manuel Hotel and Casino offer something for everyone. And so, you will surely get something out of your visit. And so, it is certainly worth staying in the San Manuel Hotel and Casino.