San Manuel Restaurant

The San Manuel Casino lobster buffet is perhaps one of only a handful of casino hotels in the area that actually serves a lobster buffet every day. Over the last few years, the San Manuel Casino has had a problem with their lobster stock. In fact, there has been so much food that the restaurant has had to close early on the days that they do not get full of food to sell. This is quite unfortunate as it means that they are not getting the money back from the owners for the food they are selling.

san manuel casino lobster buffet

The San Miguel is not without its problems, but the food remains fantastic for all occasions. There are so many different types of dishes that there is something for everyone and you will never run out of things to eat. They have a large selection of steaks, salads, seafood, cheese platters, seafood tacos, and a huge selection of drinks.

The restaurant is decorated to make it seem like a large variety of people are dining there. You will find a casual atmosphere, with lots of colorful decorations and a light jazz atmosphere. The staff at the restaurant is very friendly and will help you with any questions that you may have. One of my favorite things about the restaurant is that it is not located in one of those small, dingy hotels that just serve food for money. The restaurant is in a large building that is designed to look like a casino with all the lights and colors that you would expect in a casino.

The main reason that I love the food is because of the prices. The prices are very reasonable. The prices are more reasonable than you would pay anywhere else. The food is also pretty good for the price that you pay. You do not pay a lot for a decent meal in this establishment and you are not going to go hungry either. It is well worth the money that you will spend for a meal at this restaurant.

When you are first ordering your meal you can choose between different restaurants and if you are seated by the window, you will be able to look out into the dining room where the restaurants are located. This can be an excellent way to check in with them if you wish. If you want, you can even order your meal and have it sent to you to your home. The restaurant will charge you based on the size of the order that you order. You can be happy with the meal and still have money left over to enjoy yourself at home as well.

I love the atmosphere at the restaurant and I love the food that I get. You should give the San Manuel Restaurant a try when you are looking for a fine dining restaurant in San Jose to see what I am talking about!